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About Us

Good things come in DIYpack packaging

Our team of designers, manufacturers, and logistics experts move the biggest name brands in the world from the manufacturer to the retail floor or the customer’s door –with seamless, end-to-end integration and flawless quality.

Our more than 60 years of experience as a direct manufacturer proves we know our stuff. We continuously invest in leading edge industry tools to maximize efficiency. We incorporate cutting-edge technology, innovations and consumer research to create packaging that speak to the 21st century customer, on-shelf and online.

With DIYpack we give you the opportunity to have direct access to our technology and materials while designing your own box from the convenience of your office or home. All DIYpack packing is printed digitally, which means that we can print what you want in exact volume ordering without the need for labels, print plates and dies.

Why DIYpack?

Direct Manufacturer

We manufacture everything at our own plants which means that we control the process from beginning to end

Instant Quotes

Make your choice on box type, material and print and you will see immediately what you will pay

Short Turnaround Time

Submit your design and we can get it out to you in as fast as 1 - 10 business days

High Quality

We ensure that all packaging will be printed exactly how you intended it when you approved it

No Minimums

You can order as low as 1 unit

Outside, Inside Or Both Sides Print 

Design what you want: inside, outside or on both sides of the box


We understand the importance of sustainability. We pride ourselves on working with environmentally-friendly products and continue to strive to create the best solutions for ourselves and our partners.

The steam generated from the paper plant, New Indy, is what powers our corrugator, Encorr. Our corrugator is the second one of its nature in North America. It runs at 100% efficiency with zero waste for maximum sustainability. Encorr and New Indy are around the corner from one another, eliminating transportation costs. A bridge has been built to allow New Indy to deliver sheet rolls to Encorr without the use of trucks. Encorr is located in the Los Angeles area with minimal distance of transportation to our plant.

Our Green Program

We have an internal green program, which focuses on being proactively environmentally in all that we do while helping us reduce operating costs. It encourages our employees to be more environmentally conscious and more efficient too.