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Artwork Guidelines

Due to the nature of printing and die cutting all art must meet the minimum requirements shown below.

Design & Print Guidelines
Print Specifications
Kraft Vs. White
Artwork Orientation

Text and Line Sizes

0.25 pt Minimum for Positive Lines

(.25pt Lines)

6.0 pt Minimum for Positive Text


0.5 pt Minimum for Negative Lines

(.5pt Lines)

8.0 pt Minimum for Negative Text

Bar Codes

Must be 100% black only and not distorted left to right.

Safe Print Area

Keep all elements 1/8” from folds and cuts.

Image Resolution

Please provide all images at 300ppi (pixels per inch) at final size for best print quality. If an image is uploaded at 300ppi and then increased in size, its resolution quality is reduced

Good Quality

Reduced Quality
Increased by 100%
Reduced to @150dpi

Bad Quality
Increased by 200%
Reduced to @75dpi

Kraft Vs. White

Colors and color saturation will appear differently on a white substrate than a kraft substrate and will impact the final color appearance of the ink.

Kraft material is a great option to give that natural look and feel to the design. Keep in mind that light colors, like pastels and grays, do not print accurately on kraft. Light colors require a brighter substrate to be printed accurately, while dark colors work well on kraft substrates. White ink does not print on kraft. If white is used in the design, it will show up as the kraft/brown color. Please keep this in mind when logos and images will be used that have the color white (negative space) in the design.

Printing on Kraft

Logo on Kraft

Logo on White

Printing on White

Saving And Color Profiles

When saving out graphics in graphic editing programs, upon export or save, be sure to deselect “embed color profile” to ensure accurate CMYK color match.

Dielines And Guides In Studio

When building your custom box in the studio, note the cut lines (solid black lines) and fold lines (dashed green lines) that appear. If designing around a fold, make sure artwork aligns on each panel.

Artwork And Text Orientation

Remember that each panel is going to fold and your artwork or text must orient correctly when assembled. Check the Graphics/Text Orientation download here or at the top of this page to see how to orient to panels on each box style.