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Photo Tile

A sustainable, high-quality alternative to canvas event signage for wall art and photo memories that is lightweight and easy to hang. Design your own custom photo tile with DIYpack. 

Photo Tile Product Details

Custom Photo Tiles

DIYPack manufactures premium DIY photo tiles crafted with eco-friendly corrugate materials and the finest prints with personalized designs. Discover how the perfect blend of your creativity and our cutting-edge technology can turn your vision into stunning photo tiles to be used as photo gifts or wall decor.

DIY Photo Tiles: Unleash Your Creativity

Create a modern, minimalist gallery wall in any space with our DIY photo tiles. These custom photo tiles serve as the ideal tool for showcasing your brand in a unique and personalized way. With highly detailed photo prints and customization at your fingers, you can use our photo tiles to let your creativity shine. 

Why Design Custom Photo Tiles?

Photo tiles are incredibly versatile, as they allow you to exhibit any form of artwork, from treasured family photos to business signage. Custom photo tiles can also be used together and arranged in various ways to create a visually engaging gallery wall that transforms an entire space.

Plus, custom photo tiles can be an excellent wall décor choice for the office. You can easily hang the lightweight corrugate tiles on a wall to create a captivating gallery. 

Dimensions for Your Photo Tile Project

At DIYPack, we offer a range of standard photo tile sizes for ease and convenience. However, you can also opt for custom dimensions to fit your unique vision and space. 

Selecting the perfect sizes for your photo tile project is key to creating a display with a lasting impression. You first need to establish a theme and composition for your display. Then, consider your wall space, the arrangement you're going for and the overall balance of the DIY photo tiles.

Product Details: Everything You Need to Know About Custom Photo Tiles

The photo tile is the optimum wall décor solution to print artwork for events like tradeshows, pop-ups, grand openings, weddings, baby showers and more. Your photos will be printed on corrugated material for a sustainable, recyclable solution. You can customize the size or choose from our standard dimensions. The tile ships flat and, after folding, all you need is a nail to hang it.


Our photo tiles are digitally printed using a CMYK color model. As part of our commitment to sustainable printing processes, all unused ink is recycled into reclaimed water. 

Our Materials

Our corrugated is made from up to 99% post-consumer recycled material.

Finishes available are:

Kraft - Natural brown, uncoated matte finish

White - Bright White, uncoated matte finish

Premium White - Bright White, coated gloss finish

Sizes (L x W x D)

Our photo tiles are fully customizable but we also offer the following standard sizes: 

8” x 8” x 1.25”

8” x 12” x 1.25”

12” x 12” x 1.25”

16” x 20 x 1.25”

Crafting Your Personalized Photo Tiles

DIYPack provides a user-friendly online tool for customizing and creating high-quality DIY photo tiles. Upload your artwork to our interface and make the necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with the final design. The platform also features a 3D rendering tool for reviewing your design in real-time. Our photo tile printing technology is precise and produces excellent detail, so your custom design will reflect your exact vision. 

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a unique gift that speaks volumes? Our custom photo tiles are the perfect solution. Whether it's for a wedding, anniversary, or a special moment worth commemorating, give the gift of memories that can be admired every day.

Sample Options

If you plan to order in larger quantities, take advantage of our sample program first. When you order a photo tile to preview your design before committing to a sizable purchase, you'll receive a $50 discount code for your next order of over 100 tiles. 

Terms and Conditions

Learn our terms & conditions for your current and future DIYPack orders.

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