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Custom Favor Boxes for Events

Custom Favor Boxes for Events

Details matter when you are celebrating something special. Custom packaging is one way to add more flair to these occasions and reflect your brand. When done right, these boxes are an impactful touch point, offering a thoughtful, personalized gesture that customers will appreciate and remember after the fact. 

As a leading digital partner for customized favor box design, manufacturing and printing, DIYpack helps you go from concept to completion. Our premium-quality solutions enable you to create packaging that highlights your style, inspires your recipients and expands your brand recognition.

Advantages of Personalized Favor Boxes

Custom favor boxes allow you to tailor the design and size to your brand identity. They are a practical way to distribute gifts or treats, letting you exercise creativity in embellishments and finishing touches. Whether you're rewarding a customer's loyalty or recognizing an employee, personalized boxes deliver benefits like:

Memorable Experiences

One of the most exciting parts of receiving an appealingly packaged gift is the opening experience. Custom-printed boxes build this anticipation for your customers, as they can't wait to peel back the layers and discover the surprises inside. Unboxing videos are more than popular to watch — they're frequently shared moments on social media feeds, which can help your brand expand its reach.

Brand-Building Recognition

Your box is more than a container to protect and hold its contents — it's a valuable marketing tool for building brand recognition and increasing visibility. When your recipients see your custom favor packaging with logos, colors and taglines that represent your business, they associate those elements with the positive interactions they've had with your company. 

Compelling messaging and artwork can catch the eye of others and spur their curiosity to learn more about your brand. Memorable packaging may also add to the word-of-mouth marketing the gift generates. After all, 50% of consumers trust personal recommendations more than advertisements.

Professional Presentation

You give your recipients gifts to show them how much you appreciate their continued business and loyalty. Whether you choose something small and handmade or want to provide them with branded swag, the presentation is crucial to your image. High-quality custom packaging creates a positive impression and demonstrates that your business cares about professionalism. 

Personalized, attractive packaging also sends a subtle message about the value of the contents and the thoughtfulness that went into choosing them. This perception can lead to increased loyalty, bolstering your customer and employee retention.

Professional Presentation

Tips for Designing Your Personalized Favor Packaging Solutions

The following tips can help you optimize your custom-designed boxes for maximum impact, marketing value and engagement.

Browse Options for Inspiration

If you're wondering where to start, consider exploring some customer successes. Seeing how other businesses bring their brand to life through their packaging can spark your imagination. Whether you're looking for personalized party favor boxes or need to package something larger, the possibilities for customization are almost endless. Browse our inspiration gallery for ideas or scroll through examples on social media to spark your creativity.

Use Graphics to Your Advantage

Artwork and images are powerful ways to tell your brand's story, evoke emotions and build connections with your recipients. These associations are so effective that some well-known brands no longer even use their name in their advertisements — they rely solely on a recognizable character or symbol to do it for them. Beyond these traits, graphics capture attention and are easy to interpret.

Consider adding visual elements that hint at the box's contents, reinforce a core value you share with customers or employees, or center around a theme or season. You can both please the eye and build marketing momentum by using branded imagery in a consistent, cohesive way.

Maximize the Box's Real Estate

The inside of your packaging deserves as much attention as the outside. Inner surfaces are excellent for leveraging tools that encourage and increase engagement with your company. Examples include:

  • Social media handles and hashtags.
  • Testimonials, reviews and other social proof.
  • Discounts or promotional offers.
  • QR codes that offer a special interactive experience.

Why Make DIYpack Your First Choice for Custom Favor Boxes?

DIYpack revolutionizes branded packaging and custom party favor boxes with industry-leading box options, technology, convenience and value. 


Our custom favor boxes come in various styles to suit any giveaways you hand out. We keep standard sizes in stock and have the manufacturing capability to provide to-spec solutions from a range of options, including:


At DIYpack, we invest in cutting-edge equipment and technology to take your packaging from imagination to reality. Our easy-to-use online platform simplifies the process of creating solutions that professionally represent your brand. You can build your option from scratch with precise digital tools and uploaded artwork, or modify our existing templates for complete control over your packaging's appearance. Both allow you to visualize your solution in real time with 3D renderings of every detail, and you can take advantage of our sample program to test your design firsthand.


Our fully digital platform means you can design your solutions directly from the comfort of your home or office and receive an instant personalized quote. You'll enjoy the same dedication to speed after placing your order. We offer fast turnaround, with many orders ready to ship in just one to 10 business days. Our partners will deliver your order right to your door for a convenient experience from end to end.

You can also restock fast — a quick login and a few clicks are all the time you need to reorder!


Our approach embraces sustainability and eliminates the waste associated with traditional packaging production methods. Our fully digital printers ensure crisp, clean results directly on your chosen materials. This method allows us to print precisely the number of boxes you need with no minimum order quantity. Digital printing also cuts out the need for labels, dies and print plates, making the process even more cost-effective.

Design Your Own Personalized Favor Packaging Solutions With DIYpack

Design Your Own Personalized Favor Packaging Solutions With DIYpack

At DIYpack, we're proud to have over 60 years of industry service and experience. That longevity has given us a deep base of expertise to help ensure the best possible materials, printing and manufacturing results for your packaging.

Get started today by exploring our online design studio, or contact our team for more information.