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Square Tube Box

Great for shipping or storing posters, maps, and long items. The square shape provides protection during shipment. Boxes can be stored flat, taking up less space than a spiral tube, and assembled on the spot without glue.

Square Tube Box Product Details

Personalized Square Tube Boxes

At DIYpack, we specialize in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with our customizable Square Tube Boxes. It is the ultimate solution for safely shipping or storing your valuable posters, blueprints, and other long items. Its square shape provides protection during shipment and superior stacking capabilities. Unlike traditional spiral tubes, our boxes can be conveniently stored flat, optimizing space efficiency, and assembled on the spot without the need for messy glue. This makes it a hassle-free and eco-conscious choice for individuals and businesses alike, ensuring your important documents and creations arrive at their destination in perfect condition while simplifying your storage solutions.

DIYpack's Square Tube Box Offerings

Our custom packaging solutions blend creativity, functionality and sustainability, whether you’re shipping posters, storing maps or safeguarding long items.

Customizable Dimensions for Your Needs

After completing this simple process, you will see how much your order costs, including an estimate of the shipping costs, when you input your address.

Here are our standard tube box sizes:

Sizes (L x W x D)

3" x 3" x 24"

4" x 4" x 24"

5" x 5" x 36"

High-Quality Inks for Lasting Impressions

For our digital printing, we use a CMYK color model with an extended color gamut for a wider range of color-matching possibilities to present your brand in the best light possible. Our vibrant and durable ink options are designed to ensure your branding stands out. Leftover/unused ink is captured and recycled locally into ready-to-use, reclaimed water for an overall environmentally friendly printing process.

High-quality printing is crucial, especially in square tube boxes for packaging. Besides elevating the appearance and durability of your packaging, it reinforces your brand’s position as a creator of excellent and sustainable products.

Diverse Material Selection

Choose from our selection of corrugated materials made from up to 99% post-consumer recycled material. Our material options are designed to offer both aesthetic appeal and durable protection. This ensures your products are packaged securely and sustainably. 

Available finishes include:

Kraft - Natural brown, uncoated matte finish

White - Bright White, uncoated matte finish

Premium White - Bright White, coated gloss finish

The Versatility of Tube Boxes

There is no one-size-fits-all with regard to packaging and shipping options. Many consumers and businesses are unaware of a square tube box's versatility.

Uses for Tube Boxes in Various Industries

Brands across different industries often use tube boxes for numerous applications and products. These include storing personal care items, pharmaceutical products, beauty products and household items. 

Tube boxes are desirable because they allow the shipping of non-conventional items. They can easily accommodate large, small, long and short objects that don’t always fit into traditional packaging. Besides their versatile functionality, tube shipping boxes allow for customized branding, making them stand out above similar brands. 

Customization: Beyond the Shape and Size

Our unique platform empowers you to create packaging that represents your brand by providing the necessary tools for tailoring every aspect of your square tube box. These boxes are great for shipping or storing posters, maps, and long items. The square shape provides protection during shipment. Boxes can be stored flat, taking up less space than a spiral tube, and assembled on the spot without glue.

Sample Options and Prototyping

If you would like to see a sample of your custom box design before ordering a larger quantity, go ahead and order one box to test. Reach out when you’re ready to place a large order (100+), and we’ll provide a discount code to cover the cost of your sample box (up to $50). Read more about our Sample Program here.

Terms and Conditions

Please review our terms & conditions applicable to your existing and future orders.