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Small Business Packaging Solutions

Small Business Packaging Solutions

As a small business owner, you know how important creating memorable and enjoyable customer experiences is in enabling you to compete with bigger companies. Custom-printed packaging is a perfect way to help build those “wow” moments, simultaneously maximizing tight marketing budgets and differentiating your business in a crowded marketplace. At DIYpack, we specialize in providing bespoke small business branded packaging that delights your customers and lets you maintain your competitive edge.

The Business Benefits of Custom Packaging for Small Companies

Don't overlook the power of your packaging to deliver benefits beyond simple product protection. It's an effective way to express your brand personality professionally and meaningfully, helping create:

Improved Customer Experiences

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is a key differentiator for small businesses like yours. Your customers appreciate your personalized service and attention to detail, and they reward you for that by continuing to buy from you.

Branded business packaging gives you one more touch point to showcase your commitment to enjoyable interactions with your company. You can use custom boxes to build anticipation about the contents inside and make customers excited to open them. Giving extra thought to the unboxing experience can help propel your business to new heights of recognition — viewers have watched over 60 million hours of unboxing videos on YouTube, and 62% of users cite them as essential pre-purchase research. 

When you create these exceptional experiences, your customers are also likelier to share their praise on social platforms, making them brand ambassadors who expand your small business's reach.

Better Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a common challenge for small businesses competing with the industry's bigger names. These larger brands have deeper pockets, giving them higher advertising spend to get consumer attention.

Custom-printed packaging helps you maximize your marketing budget to achieve the same goals. Boxes bearing your company's colors, messaging and logo create a consistent brand image. Including these is especially valuable when they echo the same elements as your social media profiles, as your followers are likelier to become long-term purchasers. When your customers see the familiar tag lines and artwork, they immediately associate them with the quality and service you deliver that distinguish you from larger businesses.

Effective Storytelling Opportunities

Branding for small businesses frequently includes elements that foster a deeper connection to your company. Your custom packaging is a perfect place to make your customers part of your organization's journey by including elements that narrate your brand's story, value and essence. For example, if sustainability is integral to your business model, you might choose eco-friendly packaging options and logos of causes your small business supports. When you design your box with compelling artwork and messaging that resonates with your target audience, you encourage their continued engagement.

Creative Brand Differentiation

When you go beyond a plain box, your small business's packaging can make your company stand out from others. It's an ideal opportunity to express your brand's personality, whether quirky and modern or timeless and classic. You can choose creative imagery or messaging that reflects your unique selling propositions and that customers immediately associate with your brand.

How to Design Your Small Business Packaging

Keeping the following tips in mind can help you develop the best small business branded packaging for your company:

  • Incorporate visuals that command attention: Humans are by nature very visual so adding eye-catching imagery will increase your packaging's appeal. Just be sure to choose high-resolution images for crisp, clear results that leave no doubt about your small business's professionalism.
  • Encourage more engagement: Modern custom packaging offers many options to encourage customers to engage further with your brand. You can include elements like QR codes that provide discounts on future orders, social media icons and more for interactivity with your company.
  • Provide social proof: Consumers trust others' opinions and experiences when making buying decisions. Adding customer reviews or testimonials is an excellent way to justify their purchase and encourage repeat business.
  • Build on a basic design: Your small business can stay ahead of the competition with packaging built for pivoting when the opportunity arises. Create easy-to-modify fundamental designs so you can swap out artwork or messaging as needed. You'll be able to adapt to trends, changing expectations, and even seasonal or themed promotions.

6 Reasons to Choose DIYpack for Branded Packaging Options for Small Businesses

DIYpack is a leading partner for small businesses across the country. Some of our customers' favorite reasons to work with us are our:

1. Experience

Our expert team has over six decades of collective experience in custom packaging design and manufacturing for small businesses. These 60-plus years of industry longevity give us unmatched expertise in helping you create the ideal solution for your company and the customers you serve.

2. Selection

DIYpack offers a vast selection of packaging sizes and styles to meet your needs:

Customize any of these by uploading images, texts, colors and special effects like shadows and textures you'd like to use. We also have several preset templates that include pre-made graphics and icons you can adapt to showcase your brand authentically — our online gallery is a great place to get some inspiration for the possibilities.

3. Value

We know that when you're a small business, you have to make every marketing cent count. DIYpack offers low minimum order requirements — you can order exactly the amount you need. Our budget-friendly service means you can explore new markets or A/B test different designs cost-effectively.

We also give you the opportunity to examine our quality firsthand through our sample ordering program, which allows you the chance to ensure you've made the right choices before committing to a larger order.

4. Speed

Ordering from us is fast and simple. Choose your packaging and enter the DIYpack Design Studio to start customizing with your creative elements or ours. Restocking is just as easy. Simply log back into your account, select the options you need and submit the order.

Our high-speed eco-friendly printers enable us to provide quick turnaround times, with most orders ready to ship in one to 10 business days.

5. Quality

DIYpack carries out our custom printing and manufacturing in-house. That means we have oversight over every process step to ensure exceptional quality. We also invest in state-of-the-art equipment that allows for consistent, precise results.

6. Flexibility

When you partner with DIYpack, you enjoy complete adaptability for your small business's packaging needs. Do you have a big promotion coming up? Does a specific holiday bring a huge uptick in demand? Change your artwork as needed to include seasonal, thematic or promotional elements. You can refresh your designs as often as you'd like to spur engagement and impress your customers.

Create Stunning Small Business Packaging Solutions With DIYPack

Elevate your branding by designing your small business packaging with DIYpack. We provide fast, cost-effective custom packaging for small companies, including eco-friendly solutions that minimize your carbon footprint without sacrificing quality. Get started designing your own custom packaging today, or reach out to our experts online for personalized ordering advice.

Create Stunning Small Business Packaging Solutions With DIYPack